Jake Mello Tattoos

Jake Mello Tattoos have been available at Agape Art Collective since 2007. Jake began tattooing in Los Angeles, Ca in 2007. Rick Walters, Tennessee Dave James (RIP) and Baba are all considered mentors (fathers) to him, who offered him a collective teaching of over 100 years of tattooing experience. After Los Angeles, Jake spent 2 years in Seattle, WA before returning home to Orange County to open Agape Art Collective in Newport Beach, CA. Jake Mello Tattoos are available at Agape Art Collective, Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.

“Many artists today have lost touch with where tattooing came from and those who laid the foundation for our generation – you can walk into a lot of shops today and most artists have never even had an apprenticeship or if they did it was in a garage. I believe the industry has changed so much, even in the short time I have been tattooing, it seems that the public views tattooing as hobby rather than an industry. But on the other side of that coin, the educated client is able to choose from some of the best artist in the world now pushing the limits in tattooing like never before. I would always hope that we never forget where it started, as much as the industry adapts to change. I learned properly from very well respected tattooers – which gives me a respect for what I do and just how special tattooing is, and how hard I had to work to get here. I owe all my talents to my maker, none of which would be possible without the blessings from God. Its important to me that every single client leaves with a smile, that they’re proud to wear my work, and that I put everything I have into every piece. I take my reputation seriously, my clients satisfaction comes first. I treat tattooing like a business (because it is).”


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